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Panel Discussion
The Future Role of Design
7pm, 16. Nov. 2017 2017
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The Future Role of Design

In a world of disruptive technologies, changing user behavior, and a shift in economic and political tides, whatever the sector you’re in, good design is becoming more important than ever! Industries that are already being disrupted are likely to be disrupted again, calling for quick, innovative solutions that are far beyond business-as-usual.

On Thursday, November 16, design studio IXDS ( is partnering with Design Thinking München ( to bring together their communities for a panel discussion and open dialogue around how the future of business and the role of design intersect. Join us for this special After-Work Talk, and share your thoughts over a beer, pizza and snacks at the lovely IXDS Munich studio.

Join us to explore how companies, innovators, and the creative community are rethinking the role of design in modern business. Each panelist will bring unique insight from their area of focus – we'll have all bases covered as we look at the various industry challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

A special thanks to TNG Technology Consulting who are be sponsoring the evening with us to ensure we have all the food & drinks we need to fuel us through a fun, informative evening.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Das Ziel der Design Thinking München Gruppe ist es, Menschen, die sich mit der Methode "Design Thinking" auseinandersetzen wollen, in und um München regelmäßig zusammenzubringen, und einen persönlichen Erfahrungsaustausch zu etablieren. Dazu dienen neben den Xing-Gruppen-Möglichkeiten insbesondere der persönliche Erfahrungsaustausch, organisiert in informellen Treffen, Diskussion von Erfahrungsberichten und Case Studies bis hin zu Vorträge und Workshops. Diese werden auch über Twitter @dt_muc und Facebook bekannt gegeben. Detaillierte Information über vergangene Veranstaltungen findet ihr in unserem Wiki.

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