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18:30, 20. February 2020
Scaling Transformation by Design
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Scaling Transformation by Design

Over the last years, design & design thinking have become the key success factor for many large, global companies, as society has moved from being product-driven to user-centered, from “technology first” to “human first”, from “making people want things” to “making things people want”. Studies have shown that design-driven companies outperform considerably in terms of revenue growth (by 100%+) and Total Return to Shareholder (70%+), the return on investment can be as much as 300%.

With this in mind, we decided to develop, test and incubate this approach in Nokia Transformation. We have been doing this during the last 1.5 years, under the name “Transformation by Design”, gathering learnings along the way from more than 70 design projects and sprints, on topics ranging from product innovation, to strategy, to organization redesign.

Want to hear more about how we scaled Transformation by Design in a company with 100'000 employees in one year time on a shoestring budget? - Join us to hear about the approach that Iana Kouris and her team took at Nokia to make 1000’s of employees aware, enable 100’s to apply and 10’s to lead projects based on design mindset and practices.


Dr. Iana Kouris
Design Lead @ Nokia

Dr. Iana Kouris is driving “Transformation by Design” approach, unlocking and amplifying creativity, collaboration and user centricity across Nokia and beyond. She is a serial corporate intrapreneur (set up 5+ new organizations), with 13 years of experience in leadership roles spanning business, design and technology. Iana believes that we need to connect business, design and technology to create value. And that inspiring and bringing together people to achieve extraordinary outcomes is the most important mission of design(-ers).

Since joining Nokia ~6 years ago, Iana held business and creative roles as part of several leadership teams at Nokia. Before that, Iana spent 7 years in management consulting at McKinsey & Company Inc., driving projects on strategic, operational and creative topics.

Iana holds a Dr. degree from RWTH Aachen University, and further degrees in Mathematics, Philosophy, Economics, Fine Arts and Music.

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Das Ziel der Design Thinking München Gruppe ist es, Menschen, die sich mit der Methode "Design Thinking" auseinandersetzen wollen, in und um München regelmäßig zusammenzubringen, und einen persönlichen Erfahrungsaustausch zu etablieren. Dazu dienen neben den Xing-Gruppen-Möglichkeiten insbesondere der persönliche Erfahrungsaustausch, organisiert in informellen Treffen, Diskussion von Erfahrungsberichten und Case Studies bis hin zu Vorträge und Workshops. Diese werden auch über Twitter @dt_muc und Facebook bekannt gegeben. Detaillierte Information über vergangene Veranstaltungen findet ihr in unserem Wiki.

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